Vermont Trip #2, Burlington area

Ok, so if you are still with me from the Ben & Jerry’s trip, here is your next day(s).

So you can spend a weekend for sure just exploring the Burlington area. Museums, shops eateries, walks and so much more. This is a college town with more then enough stuff and things to do for students, parents, friends and family alike. Don’t forget to ask around, there is a ton of great shops and eateries outside of town as well.

Church Street is the most popular area here and shouldn’t be missed. Be sure to check out the stores underground and above.

Tea Shops, there are at least 2 to check out: Uncommon Grounds Coffee & teas (  and for you franchise folks, there is a David’s Tea. With more then 6 coffee / tea shops there’s sure to be one that gets your feet tapping.

Now if you are looking for other things to do, in the area, but not here, check out my next post, which will take you on a ferry ride to NY, and loop back around to Burlington area – or not

Here are a few links that should help you narrow down the places and things you’d like to do when in the area.

The area also has a ton of malls / shops both downtown and on the outskirts, these include great book stores, clothing, yarn shop, and something you don’t see everywhere, and nice, clean large camera shop on the outskirts of town and one downtown (the underground mall, if it is still there)

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