30 Days down south

Last year we went to Beaufort SC for a week and after that trip my wife said “Next year it’s for a month . . . or more” – we decided a month. I should point out this trip is 2 fold. Her health isn’t great and this warm weather is making a huge difference for her:) And hopefully when we get back she will be able to start her walks back home (the weather needs to be a lot better then all the snow storms they have been getting since we left).

The place we rented is real close to the Spanish Moss Trial, which is an outstanding, well maintained walking, biking trail that is some 17 miles long. We have been walking it daily 1 some times 2 times a day. Got here and she could do 1/2 maybe 3/4 of a mile comfortably before she felt it, and now some 9 days later she is up to 3-5 miles a day – Simply Outstanding!

Small part of the Spanish Moss Trail
Walking path at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park

We are also about 1.5 miles from downtown from our place and we have walked there and back twice so far, and drove halfway and then walked another 2 times. All of this walking is coming Courtesy of Mother Nature who has blessed us with temps in the upper 70’s and 80’s so far (Snow melts real fast at these temps:) Yes the temps have gone down to normal, but hey, that’s still upper 60’s and low 70’s, a site better than what’s happening in Maine right now.

Ok, so walking downtown provides some incentives, like Kilwin’s Ice Cream

We have been doing some exploring, sightseeing and checking the area out, and I have managed to attend 2 local BNI chapters while down here, as well as meeting with a local company and a few schools to see if there is anything I can help with – the business man in me.

Good guess, yes it’s a lighthouse – Hunting Island Lighthouse

I should point out, I brought my Office (2 computers, 1 laptop, iPad and cables galore) down as this is a working event for me. We’re down here for her health and I’m doing what I can, but working each day is a must.

A tree that is done up for St. Patty’s day – along the Spanish Moss Trial