Day? Friday, right?

Boy when you don’t have to know what day it is, it’s pretty easy to forget. We weren’t sure what today would bring. My wife was looking forward to some down time, but it turns out not the whole day in the hotel.

I started my day off with a brisk 20 minute walk to a local bakery to get some breakfast. Well that didn’t turn out as i planned. The bakery recently closed their retail space down for good (and hadn’t yet up-dated their web site noting this change). They were still baking and had a sign on the door exposing the changes and were you could get their goods.

As I headed back to the hotel I stopped at a gas station and asked were locals now got fresh baked goods. The young lady gave me the names and general locations for a few she knew of, so back to the hotel to get the car and search them out.

This was the first (and only one I went to), it had an awesome selection of baked goods to choose from. I went with a pecan roll / bun, a raspberry white chocolate scone, a Bavarian filled long John and a blueberry danish. This seemed like enough for now. So the scone got 2 thumbs up, the long John got 1 thumb up (as I suspected it wasn’t real Bavarian filling) but it was still good. The others we’ll have later.

So later happened and so far the blueberry danish gets thumbs up.

After this I got freshened up and went out for awhile and checked out the area some more. I was also told that she decided not to stay in the room all day and she would be ready to go out exploring with me whenever I got back. I drove around a bit to get the lay of the land and such, and headed back some hour – hour and a half later to see if she was ready . . . She was.

She asked if I found anything fun or exciting while out and about. I said downtown look very quaint, clean and appeared to have enough stuff to check out, so we did.

A very nice downtown for sure. About as long as Lisbon street (maybe 5 or 6 blocks) with all kinds of stores and not many vacant store fronts, maybe 3 or 4, which is outstanding compared to many other areas and COVID and all.

All this looking and shopping made us a bit hungry so we started looking around for a place to get a late lunch, we ended up at

I asked out waitress what was great, popular with the locals, she said everything- I asked her to narrow it down a bit. She did, and we went with an oversized pretzels / cheese to start with and had a pizza to split. Pretzel good choice, the pizza that folks rave about, not so much for me. It was a Ritz cracker like crust with a sweet sauce and fun cheese. While both were good, the pizza was just different enough for me to be . . Ok but nothing I’d order again, my wife said she liked it just fine.

After her lunch we headed back to our hotel. Oh I forgot to mention we did all this within walking distance of the hotel, which, yes, we did, and that meaning, walked all of this. While a bit harder for my wife, it’s good for she to walk just as much as she can to help with her stamina and all. She’s real good about saying “enough is enough”. She knows her limits and tries not to exceed them, as she is the one the pays the price when she does push a bit to hard.

Back to place for some rest and discuss what was next. She mentioned while looking through the local tourist guide she saw a coffee roaster or 2 she would like to visit, along with a few shops near them. So after 30 minutes or so rest, we headed out to check them out. Damn you’d think we’d be better at phoning to check and see if things (like their hours) have changed (knowing many folks don’t get to their web sites with these changes) but no not us / me, we just head out and find out when we get there that they “close early now” “until further notice”, good thing there are generally other shops in the area to visit. These coffee roasters and yarn shops will just have to wait until tomorrow, along with an Apple Orchards and winery or 2.

In any case back to the hotel for the night- after a walk around the area with my wife. I had done some of this walk myself over the past few days and decided to show her the town, she like it a lot, both the waterfront and side streets.

See you all tomorrow.

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