Start of day 5

I’m starting this early, well cause I can and because it’s starting out great. Finally found a stop that is open and worth the stop. Mighty fine donuts, whole cow is this place awesome. Case after case of fresh donuts (hell they are making them right now). For those who have been to Italian bakery in Lewiston- this place makes them look like a corner store.

my best guess is 80 varieties of donuts and 30 to 50 styles pastries 🙂. I should point out, it is in what looks like the rough part of town. Hell, most of areas of Erie that we have been to so far looks rough around the edges.

Next was showering and then heading to the mariner museum and at some point in time heading more downtown to see about a fun place to eat. Oops the museum is closed on Sunday:(

well no mariner museum so our first stop was a cool auto sculpture garden. Looks like they made things from car parts as well as a cement mixer barrel and more. The legs on most of these creations are drive shafts.

Spark plugs for teeth, oil pans for the head and jaw, rockers and rods for the spine, leaf springs for the ribs

after this we took a nice walk in one of the 5 or so parks in the downtown area. After that we went to lunch at the local yacht club –
My wife had crab cakes which were awesome – my meal not so much. Simple chicken fingers and home made chips.

After lunch we went back to hotel to make med’s for the week. I then went to clean the car. Weird, on the way here from Amsterdam, we stopped after about an hour to get gas and notice something weird was buzzing around the front of the car, a bunch of bees. We quickly got in the car and drove off towards Erie. This was the long drive I mentioned earlier in this piece. Ok, so a few hours later we stop to get some meats, bread and chips, and noticed “the bees” were still buzzing around the front of the car? So we quickly hit the road and the bees are now buzzing around even while driving, so I decided to find a hardware store and pick up some bug spray and spray the front end of the car and see what that would do, not as much as I’d hope. So another can and another spray job and a self service car wash (because of the roof box) so I got out, (with the bees all around) sprayed it again and pressure washed the front end and hit the road.

When we got here no bees😄. In any case over the past few days the car got REAL dirty again so I went and washed it again and found a bunch of bees in the wheel well. My guess is one must have been a queen bee which was why they followed us for over 200 miles! But I washed them away (again) hope.

oh, tonight’s sunset

And now we rest for our long drive tomorrow- about 6 hours to our next stop – Shipswhenna, il

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