Vermont trips (for a request) #1 Ben & Jerrys / Cold Hollow Cider, Stowe …

So I have been asked about things to do in VT., and here are a few things we have done and enjoyed.

So this first trip is a long day, or a nice 2, 3 day trip.

So lets start with a trip that takes you to VT via the Kancamagus highway, to the END! Most people think the Kancamagus ends in Lincoln, NH, but it doesn’t. No, no, it goes on to Bath, NH, at which point you take a left onto 302, which will take you to VT (If you would take a right instead of a left, at the end of the Kancamagus it would take you to Lisbon, NH, and this is only weird to Mainer’s because this same 2 towns are close to each other via a highway in Maine)

Now taking the kancamagus highway (Route 112) is a Very scenic drive once you get past Lincoln, and it takes you to Lost River (A post just on this) which is a great place to start the day if you are taking a few days (a weekend getaway) for this trip. Sorry I got side tracked.

Ok, so take 302 to #89S, which you’ll pickup in Montpelier, VT (about  an hours drive from the end of the kancamagus)

Waterbury (Ben & jerrys) exit is exit 8 and Ben & Jerrys is about 5 minutes off the exit … Enjoy

From here you will be get back on #100 S and drive about 2.4 miles to Cold Hollow Cider Mill & Country Store, BUT not before stopping at the Cabot Farm Store, on your left  This nice small strip mall has several stores in it, a few change yearly, but generally Lake Champlain Chocolates has a store here. The Cabot store has a ton of samples out (Now known as the Toothpick Buffet®), beers, meats, sodas, pop-corn and other interesting treats. There has a been a cooking store and a clothing store here in the past, not sure what is there now.

As for Cold Hollow Cider, yes, it’s a better stop in the fall when they are pressing fresh cider, but with fresh donuts, pasties,  fudge, jams, jellies, clothing, knick knacks and more, it’s a great stop anytime of year – you can expect to be here about 30 minutes, maybe an hour to go through. There is also a few shops near here well worth a few minutes of your time, while you there.

From here you may want to stop and get lunch. There are several places along the way to get just about anything you’d like. We’ve had pizza, burgers and other eats in the area and never had a bad meal, so stop wherever you’d like and you should be ok.

So from here you’ll need to decide if you want to go on to Stowe and explore this area, or head on over towards Burlington. A 1 day trip, head to Stowe and from there head back home via back tracking or taking #15 (about 10 minutes North of Stowe), to #2 to St. Johnsbury, VT, and continue on #2 towards NH / Maine, and depending on what part of the State you live in, will depend on where you get off #2 (which goes to Gorham, NH, on to Gilead, ME to Bethel, Rumford to points north in Maine.

Now if you are doing 2 days or more and you like to hike, I’d say to leave Stowe and head over to Smuggler’s  Notch, VT,  | and from there stay on #108, back to Stowe, and back track to #89 and head over to Burlington, VT area which I’ll detail a bit in the next post.

Oh, I should point out, that Stowe is a wonderful little town with a ton of shops, walking paths and great places to eat, shop and look around. Stowe depending on what you do, can be as little as a 30 minute stop or as much as  a 2 or 3 hour visit.

***NOTE: Go “Off the beaten path” here as there is almost as much down the side / back streets as on the main drag

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