Day 8

Boy the days are starting to run together. This morning started out pretty slow with no real agenda other than getting to our next stop . . . Sturgeon Bay. We will be here for a week, so this will be nice send easy on us. A good time to relax and still get in plenty of sights. Easy because it’s about an hours drive to the other end of the island, so getting in multiple stops per day should be easier and less tiring.

We did stop along the way to take some photos of a wild Lake Michigan. Out there on the horizon you can see the local ferry coming in from the storm. It’s much bigger than it looks here, the ferry that is.

If I had been better at taking these photos I think I could have
convinced folks we were at the ocean
Top photo was before wave crashed the pier and the next one is after.
There are 3 photos but I’ll be damned if I can find the first one

Just went for a short walk and here are a few photos from the area near the hotel.

You can’t tell but this tugboat is massive, like 3 trailer trucks long . . .massive

Tomorrow will be a lazy day for the Misses and I’ll likely go exploring a bit. Try to get some good photos and see what the area has to offer in general.

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