On the road again

well I’d say the trip started out like any other but that wouldn’t be true. With my wife’s current health issues, nothing is the same anymore. Aside from the check list which includes a lot of med’s, pumps, hoses and such things started out just fine. A bit on the cold side, but we are headed out on vacation down south to see the grandkids. Our trip will take us to Dover, DE for the first night, then onto  Colony Williamsburg for 3 days, then to Jacksonville, NC for 4 days to see our daughter, grandkids and son-in-law.  From there to Fredericksburg, va, Gettysburg, pa, intercourse, pa, then NY, VT then home.

Tomorrow’s first stop is going to be Fifer’s country Store and orchard, who knows what we might find here.

The trip in general should find us completing our Christmas shopping, some stops at wineries, bakeries,  candy stores, yarn shops, Baskin-Robbins  and NO Franchise eateries. This always proofs to be hard when we are on the road for 2 weeks.

Tonights meal was at China House in Dover, pretty damn good for a local Chinese restaurant. My wife has shrimp lomen which she said was a 7 out of 10. She did say she feels that way-le’s in auburn , me is she favorite. I had sweet & sour chicken beef fried rice no onions, and I can say,  8 of 10, the beef pieces were very large and even more tender.

Oh, lunch was at chillers in NJ.  I had breakfast, French toast, with flaming banana’s. Would have been awesome, if they cleaned the grill or just not cook them on the same spot they also were cocking the home fries with onions and green peppers.

Our first night we stayed at home2go in Dover, very nice, pretty clean, nice area, just a short drive to the historic downtown. We went downtown last night and checked it out. Very nice walkway with bike and walking paths, water,  black cranes and other wildlife. Downtown was empty, not a sole in sight, very strange, but we guessed they don’t work sundays . . . Lucky them.

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