Been to and headed back – Manchester glass

I have been here 4 times now, and we’ll be heading back again this weekend with some dear friends.

The first time, it was my wife and I and we purchased a nice vase and asked about doing it ourselves. We like the answer and we went back a few months later to try our hand at making something. I then went back with our youngest daughter, then months later with our oldest daughter, now back again with friends, and if I’m lucky, back again with our son and his girlfriend.

Here are a few photos of some of what we’ve done so far

The fine folks here, are just that “Fine”. Andrew is a hoot, but also kind and caring. He has stayed in touch via email and a phone call or 2 to check up and see how my wife is doing. his assistant is a young lady who is growing as a glass blower. She is kind and inquisitive and hard working.

Manchester, VT is a wonderful area with all kinds of great shops, restaurants, things to do, very cool book store, and as my family will tell you, I didn’t just write that last line. I only do books with lots of pictures, but this book store is really neat. 3, 4, floors of books, magazines, clothing and so much more. It’s located in the top half area of the downtown. There are 2 areas that can be and are, the downtown in Manchester. One appears to be the older part of town, with great shops and easy walking. the other part, seems like an extension of the downtown with newer shops and models looks and brand names.

I hope to post something maybe over the weekend while we are there or once we get home.

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