Vermont, to NY and back – funs things to do

So, you’ve spent the day or 2 in Burlington and you are ready to move on, great, here is what is next.

A great ferry ride from Burlington to Ausable Chasm, NY. Depending on your wait to get on the ferry the ride across Lake Champlain and short drive once in NY should be a bit over an hour. Once at Ausable Chasm ( be ready for a fun hour or so of walking and learning. Ausable Chasm is often called The Grand Canyon of the East (Adirondacks) More time if you camp here?, Play a round or 2 of frisbee golf, ride your bike, do some rock climbing, Rappelling, tubing and so much more. Don’t forget to take in a stop at the North Star Underground Railroad Museum . The walk is a pretty good one, so if you have a hard time walking, you may have to rethink this stop.  (

Now if you are staying in the area your day or stop should be the Wild Walk Center (, here you and the kids will get to climb and explore the tree tops and get a feel for what it would be like to be an eagle. While here Don’t forget to visit the indoor museum and see all that the area has to offer.

If you are making this a 2 or 3 day trip, then after leaving here, head on over to the Lake Placid area. This area has done a wonderful job of staying relevant after the Olympic’s which took place here many years ago (oh what a hockey game came from this Olympics).

Shops, dinning, places to stay, walks, water sports, the famed Hockey arena and so much more.

I often leave eating up to you as you and I do NOT have the same eating habits … trust me, but a few of the places we have eaten and enjoyed are:

The Black Bear, great food and (had?) a great staff, it’s been a year or so since we have been back

Jimmy’s 21, Italian Restaurant

Big Mountain Deli and Creperie

There is a nice albeit small chocolate shop downtown,  with the main store only 13 outside of town. Great chocolates and the tasty treats, jewelry and more at each shop, but more at the headquarters

While you are here, sneak around the corner (about a 5 minute drive) to an area that seems like a fly fishermans heaven along with a nice park and shop

If you go here, you should take in the Ausables #2, sort-of. Great walking path along the Ausable river, with a great plexiglass lookout platform over the falls

Oh, check this out for many other great things to do, while in the area.

Oh, part 3 getting back to VT and things to do there in the next posting

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