What day is this

Boy we are having so much fun, and getting a bit tired, heck I’m not sure where I am in the blog. Ok so we have been in Midland, mi 2 days, so I guess this is the time table I need to work with.

So we are staying at Springhill Suites by Marriott. a very nice hotel near the downtown area, so there are many things to do, and places to eat very close- heck lunch today came from Lucky’s Steakhouse next door, but that’s 2 days from now, so back up a bit.

We got in about 5:30 or so Friday after a nice all be it long drive, about 5 – 6 hours from St. Ignace. On our way here we stopped at Fort Michilmackinac


A wonderful place to start our day. A very nice, well done, informative Fort. The grounds are very easy to travel, and it was an awesome day weather wise. I’ll see if I can get any of the photos with my camera off it and onto the iPad.

Looks like the picked the right place to put the fort. They can see if the enemy is coming across the bridge with plenty of time to prepare

As you can see from the few photos it’s a great place to stop, stretch your legs, take a few photos and learn something new.

From here we stopped for lunch at: https://www.darrowsrestaurant.com, my wife had a cup of corn chowder and a grilled cheese / tomato sandwich with onion rings and I had a roast beef au jus with mashed potatoes w/gravy and this to was awesome. We caught dessert to go, which was a peanut mouse pie for her and a strawberry / rhubarb pie. Great choices on both account’s.

From here it was onto Midland, MI. Nice, uneventful drive. Nice at 75 +- mph (75 mph speed limit). Clear blue skies and not many vehicles on the road. We got into the area and our hotel around 5:30 and were happy to call it a night – after we checked out the local grocery store for some lunch meats and bread.

It’s our first visit to a Meier, which turns out to be 2 brothers version of Walmart- just a bit cleaner and maybe a better selection of white goods, electronic’s, clothing food and more.

Tomorrow has a German village in our travels, see you then.

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