Trip to NY, Mustang Museum, Howes Caverns, Cooperstown and more

We’re back, and we had a great time. for comments

Our day started about 7am and our first stop was planned for noonish at the Hemmings Motor News Museum in Bennington, VT. This was also planned as a gas stop and possible lunch stop, all of which happened.

Here are a few photo’s from the museum. Oh, I should mention, that for what ever reason, me and my camera were not on the same page for this trip, and I don’t think I go any REAL nice photos:(

hemmings C



After our stop here, we went on to find a place to eat, and like everyone else, when there are 2 or more people who have to make a decision, lunch was looking like a big “I don’t care, what do you want?’

We ended up picking Bennington Pizza, and boy, turned out to be a great choice. Yes it’s just pizza, but it turned out to be some of the best, tastiest pizza any of us had had ever, or at least for along time, and I should mention the wings were pretty damn good too.

From here we headed on to the Saratoga Museum to check out there 50th Anniversary Mustang Exhibition.  The drive was a bit over an hour and a pleasant one, driving over the back roads of NY.

Upon arrival the place seemed to be buzzing with all kinds of activity on the grounds, but none of it about the museum. Turns out they were getting ready for a country western concert that night.

We checked in at the museum and got started exploring not only the wonderful, but small Mustang exhibition but also the second floor which had several wonderful cars from several companies and racing venues. If you are in the area, please add this to your list of stops to make.

Nice piece here on the all Wheel Drive Mustang … that never was.

After the afternoon at the museum we headed off to our hotel for the night. The hotel was only about 40 minutes from the museum which was nice, as we normally get into our room between 8 and 9 at night, but not this time. We got in a bit after 6, unpacked and check the area out and still got to bed before 9.

Oh, as for the hotel, Quality Inn in Albany. The rooms were nice enough but they turned out to be smoking rooms (who has these anymore)? So I point this out, because it was seeping in a ashtray. The front desk did give me a bottle of Febreeze , but that didn’t help much. So I went to my car and took my liquid scent and put dozens of drops all over the place, and this included in the air conditioner and hoped that after coming back from taking a hot tub that it would smell better.  Upon returning it was better, but after awhile all it was, was Country Apple fragrance cigarette smell:( No, they had NO other rooms.

The next morning we got up early and headed down to see how breakfast looked and if it was going to be worth eating, and damn if it wasn’t a pretty good. We eat and we left.

Now on the road and heading towards Howe Caverns (about an hours drive) I fill this in later …

Cooperstown was another hours drive


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