Day / night 3

view from room.

Let me start by saying damn route 86 from Binghamton to Erie is a long boring drive. While I was going to take back roads my wife asked if we could take the Highway more today, of course I said yes, that’s the kind of guy I am.

so aside from boring and long, hell what else can I say. . . ‘We made it?”

Dinner here at one of the 3 or so restaurants on site.

http://dinner last night here at the hotel.

My wife had a salad and bowl of seafood chowder which she enjoy very much albeit real hot (temperature wise) and spicy too, I had tomato caprese flatbread, and fish and chips which was good as well. And for dessert we went with the old standby crepe brûlée which had a hint of orange flavor to it. We then headed out for a walk on the “river walk?” The question mark is because the walk is along the shore of Lake Erie.

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