Day / Night 2

so, where did I leave off? Ok so my wife doesn’t like it, blah, blah, that is until I surprised her with a stay here, and now it’s ok, the hotel, not the neighborhood were I grow up. Heck she thinks the parks right down the street from the hotel are awesome too and hell I would love to have parks this nice in auburn. Ok so the hotel is nice, the parks are nice, let’s get back to the restaurant issue. I grow up with and went to school with some of the Lanzi boys, who own lorenzo’s and 4 other restaurants now.

so left Amsterdam and are now heading to gloversville to a few coffee roasters and bakeries and a bit of walking the areas downtowns. Well surprise to us, google isn’t up to date and there is only 1 coffee roaster not 3 and only 0 bakeries and a downtown, well only marginally bigger then the one in auburn. The coffee roaster is part of a co-op which seem a bit more common outside of Maine. These co-ops are somewhat of a store with share spaces. Folks basically rent space and sell their wares. General a cross between a farmer’s market and a flea market. And you can be a member and get a discount off your purchases.

as for how good the coffee is – she won’t know until we get back. She got a cup but a different one then what she bought, but what she got was real good she said.

A link to where we stayed. Nice clean large room with a very comfortable bed and large couch and large tv

where we eat. Very good meal and great service. She had a burger? That’s what she was hungry for, she said it was cooked right and very tasty. I had chicken Milanese, which was some of the most tender chicken I’ve had in a long time- very good. After dinner we went for a walk at one of the many parks in the area. This is a big college town with plenty of stuff to do and see. It’s on the banks of the Susquehanna River with plenty of walks and things to do.

Ok getting ready for day 3. First stop M & D R. nuts house of nuts:

maybe a meat market after this for picnic food and then headed to Erie, Pa. Yes we will be stopping along he way and who knows what we’ll find or do. We have a lot more planned for the Erie area has we will be there a few days. Little italy and botanical garden, museums and more are planned. We will be staying at a nice hotel right on the water and hope to relax and enjoy the views.

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