Day 1

Well we had a great record as far as traveling, yes had. For 20 plus years we traveled with warm sunny days, ok one day we had BAD fog, but other than that we have had incredible weather, until yesterday. It rained so freakin hard at times that folks were pulled over and those that didn’t pull over had their 4 way flashers on (made for an interesting drive at times). This happened 3 times which did add some time to the trip, but nothing we can’t handle, remember- no time table and no agenda- so no hurry.

First stop was the kennebunk rest stop – sometimes you just got to pee. From there we headed to Krause Chocolates for some awesome chocolate covered salted pretzels, fudge, and nonpareils – well you get the picture Oh did I mention they have 4 locations and that we had reservations at a restaurant and that it looked like we wouldn’t make it to the restaurant on time if we stopped? And this was because I screwed up and entered the wrong address- a good address just not the one to the candy store:( so after all that driving we didn’t make it to the candy store (yet), but did make it to the restaurant on time. This was important because I had a surprise for my wife. She wasn’t able to make her class reunion and I found a friend or two who lived near where we were staying the first night, and I invited them to “just show up” and surprise her . . .it worked, she was surprised.

so after a long day / night we called it quits and went to our hotel for the night.

ok I think it’s time I back the train up a bit (or in this case Toyota Highlander). How or why this hotel and restaurant, glad you asked. The relatively short version coming up. So I drive around/ travel for business and pleasure a fair amount over the years. And on one such trip I stopped in Amsterdam, ny., (where I was born and raised for the first 14 years or so. Now no big deal, but here is more information on my home town. Ok, so let’s just say it was in rough shape when we lived here and WAY worst after we left. 100 to 200 homes (apartments many of them) have since been abandoned, burnt, or torn down, and All should be. These are places that are condemned or should be. So anyways, I come back whenever I am within an hour or so drive of the area, mostly to show our kids where I grew up, some family members who don’t drive around and friends who care to see the area, well my wife HATES THE AREA and does not like it one bit when I do this, ok I’m getting there, just a few more minutes.&

Ok, so the restaurant is owned by some guys I grew up with. This Is their 5th or 6th new restaurant- they are doing well. In any case I haven’t seen them in 20 years or so it was a surprise for them, if they would remember me and a chance to catch up. Well I shock one of brothers hand and started to introduce myself, but he stopped me and said “you look familiar “are you Skippy Lalemand from the old neighborhood?” We chatted and caught up a bit, it was real nice. All the while my wife was catching up with folks she went to school with, so this part of the evening went well for all parties involved.

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