Weekend away. Ogunquit, ME / Dover, NH

This was a surprise getaway for my wife, and I think I might have pulled it off.

A surprise because she didn’t know about it, and a surprise because I managed to pack ALMOST everything we needed without her knowing. Yes Almost. I forgot our tooth brushes and other personal goods, but nothing we weren’t able to pick up at the local grocery store.

So we started the day late- around noon time, and headed down the Maine turnpike for what was going to be a walk on Marginal Way in Ogunquit, ME. From there I was going to take her to dinner then when we were both to damn tried to go any farther, I was going to pull up to the hotel (which I booked a few hours before I picked her up) and say “let’s stay here for the night”. Which was pretty close to how it happened.

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Check out these links to see more about the oceanside walk … do it folks, it’s awesome.

– http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g40790-d104969-Reviews-Marginal_Way-Ogunquit_Maine.html

– http://www.ogunquit.org/aboutOgunquit.php

The walk on the ocean path and the walk downtown took a bit longer then I thought, so I pulled in the hotel a bit earlier then planned. As I mentioned earlier, my plans were to go out to eat, and then go to the hotel.

After checking in, getting our few things to the room, we freshened up and headed out to get those few things I forgot and for dinner. While the front desk did suggest a place to eat, when we got there it was still an hour plus before they opened, so we (I) decided to head towards Portsmouth for something to eat. Portsmouth because there is not much opened in the Ogunquit area this time of year. Yes there were a few others, but Portsmouth has dozens of options for eating so here we come – well sort-of. After driving for 20 minutes or so we came up on what looked like a new restaurant and decided to give it a try. The name of the place is The York River Landing. We got there a bit before 5 (dinner time) which worked out good for us, as the service was quick to react and the food was nice and hot (well most of it). Our meals were good, and it was a great choice stopping here. I had Prime Rib and my wife had a Salmon dish with roasted vegetables. I don’t bring my cell phone with me, so sorry folks, no pictures (of my meal?)

After dinner we headed into Kittery for a bit of shopping for the holidays. We stopped at a few stores which shall remain a secret as our kids my read this (Who am I kidding, they won’t read this, BUT just in case).

Knowing we were headed back this way tomorrow, we called it quits and headed back to our hotel for the night. Now folks, this meant driving by a huge candy store and NOT stopping!

So this is the end of this part of the story, I’ll start a new one for the next day.

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