How about candy shops we’ve been to:) ME., NH., NC., NY., PA., OH

So this might not be a long post, but it will be fun. Turns out, it is going to be a long post:)

Candy stores are often at the forefront of places I watch and look-out for when planning our trips, and here are a few of my favorites.

We’ll start close to home, and then get in a few from away. I’ll likely add on as I remember those place we have been to.

Maine, not many places here that I have found and enjoy. There are some and here they are.

Maine Candy Shops (Chocolate shops below this)

  •, Camden: medium size with a nice selection. Like most candy stores, everything is best during the season, and everything means a lot of cool candy
  •,  Kittery , might be the largest in New England, and the fact that it’s pretty damn busy all the time, means the candy is about as fresh as it gets
  •, Portland: Small / Medium size with a pretty good selection, including Candy, Fudge, Chocolates and giftsMaine Chocolate Shops (Chocolate isn’t candy, no really:)
  • Maine Gourmet Chocolates, Auburn  – right next to my office, NOT a good thing:
  • Wilbur’s of Maine, Freeport and Brunswick, a large selection of some of Maine’s favorite chocolates
  • Westbrook a great assortment including Personalized chocolates.
  •, Scarborough, if it’s chocolate (or candy), it’s here, including one big ass moose made from chocolate, no REAL big, as in FULL size moose big. I’ve been in here with kids as young as 2 and as old as 60, and they all leave with big smiles on their face, My friend goes freakin crazy over their non-pareils.

There are dozens of Chocolate shops in Maine (Which is a big ass state), so while I haven’t been to all of them, these I have been to and they are worth the stop. Let me know what you think of the others, and I’ll put them on my bucket list

Now New Hampshire

  • ZEPS, Conway, Everyones favorite stop. Not just candy. A ton of candy, but jams, jellies, hot sauces, pop-corn, soaps, hell the list goes on and on. Somedays they offer a bunch of samples in their “Toothpick Buffet®”
  •, Littleton. Once had the claim to the longest candy counter in America, I’m not sure anymore, but I will say, they have a ton of candy here, with a nice mixture of other sweets and treats
  •, Keene – Not just candy here. Ice Cream, Flavored Popcorn, chocolates and more

Like Maine, there are dozen more shops, some are in Country Stores while others are shops all by themselves, we just haven’t been to them so I can’t tell you anything about them. The ones above I have been to, and most 3, 4 or more times. If you’ve been to any that I should stop by, let me know, I’ll be happy to put it on my list of places to go this year.

New York.

Yes, this is another BIG state and I’ve only been to a few places. If you have a favorite, let me know. On out of state shops, I’ll have chocolates listed as well

  •, Wilmington area, and a small shop in downtown Lake Placid. The one downtown has much more candy, while the factory is pretty much just chocolates, and gift items, coffees, jams, jellies, jewelry and more
  •, Albany area. Made here and enjoy the world over (oh come on, that’s a great tagline:) Nice clean, comfortable candy / chocolate shop with more then enough for just about any size sweet tooth
  •, Saratoga, right in the heart of downtown (which is a great downtown folks). Small enough to be comfortable yet big enough to make you smile. Home made fudge some 18 flavors, and oh course, their famous “Peppermint Pigs”.


There likely won’t be many here ether, not because there aren’t any, but I can only hit so many candy stores in my trips, while still doing what I’m suppose to be doing during these trips.

There have been a few, let me think about this for awhile.


The worlds Largest candy store is located in Ohio, Cleveland to be exact

  •, been here a few times. Once on my 35th wedding anniversary when I spend $100’s on candy:) and a few years later with our Grandson, and we spend a lot less, but still had a cart full. If it’s sweet – it’s here, Individual boxes, to box of boxes, to case of boxes to pallets of cases. How much do you want / need they can fill any size order. Floor to ceiling, racks and racks of candy, hard candy, soft candy, gummy candies, chocolates. Folks if you love candy, and you’re looking for a nice weekend get-away, put this down as one of the stops.

North Carolina

So far only 1 here but that might change with time, should there be any along our paths / travels down to see the grandkids / daughter / son-in-law in the Jacksonville NC area.

  •, in Swanboro. Swansboro is a quaint little town on the waterfront, with just enough shops to make it worth the stop to get out and stretch your legs a bit. A cute little store with a great selection of candies, some chocolates and Ice Cream round out the mix. Generally pleasant folks and reasonably priced – what ever that means. You can’t go into any candy store with 3 grandkids and think it’s expensive … you just can’t.

Michigan – Coming soon (The freakin fudge capital of the world, it just has to be)!

California – Coming soon

South Carolina – Coming soon


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