More in NH, Waterfalls, fudge and more

Let’s do one that is just a nice drive with a stop or two along the way.

I like to go to the area around Error, NH via route 26, which takes you past Screw Auger Falls and from there out in the middle of nowhere. There are a few more places to stop and check out along the way, but no Gas or food until you get to Error, NH (30 minutes +- from Bethel.)

One of the places you’ll end up is Beaver Falls, but not before stopping in town to get a bite to eat.

But we aren’t there yet, so let’s back up a bit. So once in Error, NH, there are a few stops if you need gas or are hungry. The Gas station is also a sporting goods store, which I don’t mind saying, “What in hell is there a sporting goods store, this big, out here for”?, Well my guess is, with it being the only store of it’s type  in this part of the state, and the fact it is busy every time I go by,….

You should keep a keen eye out for ATV’s / 4-wheelers out this way, as they can legally drive the streets. If you have an ATV this is a great area to ride. It appears there are hundreds of miles of trails.

So you got food / gas and we’re now heading on towards Colbrook, NH. Along the way you’ll be going past Dixville Notch State Park. A very nice walk in the woods here.  There are plenty of places along the route to pull-over a take a picture of 2. The Balsams comes to mind as one place that is wonderful for taking photo’s as well as a nice place to pull-over and stretch your legs.

Oh, so what did you think of the quick down in the road:)

From here you’ll head towards Colbrook and on to Beaver Falls. In Colbrook there are several places to stop and get a pizza, or sandwich to bring up to Beaver Falls for a nice quiet lunch. Now depending on the time of day and how much you want to go on, we could head on over to Pittsburg, NH. Now we’re doing this because it’s a great drive in the country, but we are heading to 3316 US-3, Pittsburg, NH 03592, and the for one of the finest selections of Home Made Fudge anywhere in Me, NH, VT … Just freakin Awesome!

After you’ve had a pound or 2 of this wonderful fudge, head on over to:, to loose the weight you just gained. A great waterfall out in the middle of NOWHERE, so get ready for a nice ride, Miles and miles with nothing in sight – nothing and a nice long walk once you are there to a place not many folks get to … enjoy.

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