The first few write-ups will be trips in New England (NH)

There are a dozen or more day trips to the NH region that can be done without breaking the bank and still having a great day.

Trip one:

North Conway and surrounding areas (

Shopping, Conway has it all for both big and little kids (which we all are at heart).

Zeps ( for all things food, fun and interesting. Then over to the Penguin (Gallery shop – While this has things for both young and old, I think it’s more towards adults at this time, and they do have some great gift ideas for adults here. Be sure to check out their line of F*&^K-it socks. Selection of New England wines, excellent selection of greeting cards and more.

There is a Chocolate Haus, Home Made Craft Store, many great places to eat, there are a few of my favorites: Peaches (great breakfast stop), Hooligans (, outstanding Chicken Tenders  (Tempura style if they are offering more then 1 style), burgers, Baron French dip sandwich and the list goes on and on.

An wonderful blown glass, wood craft shop shop (

Take a steam train ride  back in time (The kids will love this). Many places to hike, a museum or 2, lots to do.

If time allows, the Kancamagus Highway is a popular get-away. Go to the end and stop at Lost River, (story just about Lost river, coming up) or hell your only 20 minutes from VT, head on over and check out the many things to do there (a post will be coming on this).

Hiking until you drop in the area. Easy to real hard. Waterfalls (Glen Ellis Falls) is a great stop / hike.

Now just a 30 minute drive outside of Conway area (Glen, NH) there are more great things to do, and places to visit, one to make is (, where they have some of the best Creme Brûlée ever. I have been known to drive there from my area just to get a few to enjoy (ok, so maybe 6 or so, 2 for right then, and 4 that I hope make it home with me). Oh, you can go here before or after your trip to Glen Ellis Falls.

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