Let me tell you about our day

it started out great. Warm, sunny, beautiful in every respect. Breakfast at the hotel was ok, but hey, it’s a hotel not a restaurant.

‘After leaving the hotel we headed to our next stop – fifer orchards. https://www.fiferorchards.com The plan was to take a short walk and pick a few apples and peaches for the trip, well good plan, but that’s not what happened. First off the place was much bigger then we thought with jams, jellies, pastries, fruits and apples galore, many  varieties we don’t have in Maine. This is a good thing, we get to see and try apples and see how we stand up to others. Well they had one we don’t remember seeing in Maine – crimson crisp. Nice and hard, sweet and very tasty. With over 26 varieties of apples grown on sites there is sure to be one for everyone’s liking. We got a bunch of cool stuff here including a nice basket of goodies for our daughter for having us there in the coming days. Some apples, drinks and socking stuffers. Before we left we took some photos of the outside area which was done up big time for fall and Halloween. We said our goodbyes and left for our 4 hour drive to colony Williamsburg

oh, I should note, very nice, pleasant and very helpful folks at  Fifer’s. Not  sure if you would ever be in the area, but if you are, a must stop for sure.

Ok  so it’s now onto Williamsburg.  The drive started out nice, with parts going through small town America and some open country, then onto route 13 which takes you to the Chesapeake bay bridge and tunnel. One of the longest bridges and tunnels in America, some 13+ miles long. This turned out to be a longer drive then I remembered it to be. A straight drive of 210 + miles. Now this wasn’t an issues as we often drive many more miles on roads in our travels, BUT this wasn’t about to be like any other drive.

We got a message on the GPS that the road ahead was closed, not a big deal or so I thought. We’d simply get close drive around the issue and be on our way, yeah while not really. Turns out the part of the road that was closed was “the tunnel”, that’s right, no turning around once you are on the bridge / tunnel. Now we were ok as we hadn’t gone all the way to the bridge when we found that out. You see traffic was stoppe some 5 miles away from the bridge. We pulled into a gas station to try and get more information, boy did we get some information. Turns out traffic hadn’t moved at this point in time in over 4 hours, and they didn’t know when it might start moving again. After speaking with as many folks, truckers as we could, we decided to take a new route, yeah you guessed it, 210 Freaken miles back the way we just came. Yeah, no other route to Williamsburg other then driving back to 95 and where we started. Ok so we did find a small short-cut, but even that required us to drive back some 150 + miles before we got to it. Let’s just say, a long days drive. We should have gotten into the hotel around 4, but didn’t get there until just a bit before 11!

slept a bit late this morning, and now getting ready to start day and next 3 days here.

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