Up-coming Trip

We are in the final planning stages of a few weeks away. The trip will take us to Amsterdam NY, Binghamton NY, Erie PA, Shipshewana ID, Sturgeon Bay WI, Upper PI, Midland MI., Cleveland OH, Rochester NY, Saratoga NY and places in-between. No agenda but plenty of sights we hope to get in. Botanical Gardens, Museums, Bakeries, Candy Shops, Coffee Roasters, Loose Leaf Tea Shops, wineries and Cheese Shops, Apple Picking, Downtowns in the areas we will be staying. These walks will have us visiting “Little Italys” “Germany Towns” and any other interesting ethic towns we come across.

Riverwalks, paths, boardwalks and other quiet relaxing ways to see the inner beauty of the many areas we will be visiting.

I hope to up-date the blog each night, but I haven’t been real good about it in past trips, but this one is longer with more folks wanting to know how we are doing during the trip. Much of this concern is my wife’s (of 45 years) health during the trip. As long as we are being extra safe and careful not to be around to many crowds all while still trying to see new places and things, and having fun then this will be a great time. This is one of the reasons we choose to go during the middle of each month (mid September to Mid October) hoping most folks won’t be traveling and we can do this with greater ease and comfort. We did find ourselves having to book most of the hotels in advance, as Fall Foliage is still looking like a time of year some folks will be traveling, and rooms are hard to get in the Northeast this time of year.

One of my favorite rest areas, hopefully we find more as exciting and with views like this

So check back regularly (starting around the 15th) watch and enjoy the trip with us.

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