Lubec maine

I will get to this trip shortly, but first a little piece on last night 8/10

Damn it I had been typing for some 10 minutes and forgot to save, so let’s start over

We have been talking about going to Lubec for sometime now, heck we have done many trips up and down the east coast and a bit west, and haven’t explore the great state of Maine much, that is about to change.

Lubec Maine for those who don’t know it, it the most easterly part of Maine, USA (a claim disputed by the fine folks of Eastport Maine – island verses main land thingy going on here)

Lubec is a very quaint, very quiet, very peaceful place to go and relax, as is most of the drive to get there. Oops warning Will Rogers, low battery (step back in time, sorry about that) so I will plug this baby in, and finish later. Yes I can type while plugged in, if I wanted to.

Ok so i’m Charged and ready to go.

We stayed at a lovely place not 2 feet from the waters edge

While Most of the rooms sit on the waters edge I will say, not to stay in the rooms closest to the restaurant. Only because they are closest to the dock as well, not bad views, just a bit louder when sitting on your own little deck.

I don’t know why these are not right? Oh well these are photos from our room as well as a few from the morning sunrise. I took more with my camera and haven’t up loaded them yet. I will say- while you (I and others) look pretty dorky taking pictures with an iPad it does work easier uploading them into the blog.

So the bottom line is this, Lubec while out in the middle of nowhere is worth the drive and time to get away. Oh, did I mention the sun comes up real early here. I went out to get pictures around 3;30am, and my automatic headlights didn’t even come on, because of how light it was.

Lubec, Eastport and surrounding areas are all worth a bit of your time. Take route 1 and then hug the coast line whenever you can, the small towns, hamlets and villages along e way are quaint with some great views of the Maine coast line.

On our way, we did stop in Castine, which is where the coast guard academy is located, and a few lighthouses. Another prime example of Maine.

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