2 week trip 41 anniversary

Hello folks. It has been awhile since i’ve Written on my blog, but i’m Going to try and write each night and or morning on this trip. Speaking of this trip, it will over Me, NH, VT. NY and maybe a few other states.

it is our annual 2 week journal the first 2 weeks of October which covers the same time we got married many years ago. We’ll start by saying sorry, again, to our son, who was born during this time and has not had us home but a few times for his birthday … happy birthday early son.

ok now that is out of the way. Our first stop is going to be Manchester, vt., for a glass blowing glass (today). We picked up 4 lobsters for the folks at Manchester glass shop (they saw we are from Maine and got excited at the thought of fresh Maine lobster, so we worked out a deal:)).

our first night stay is at the wonderful Reluctant Panther Inn – a very nice place. Our room has a bedroom, with a bed that has it’s own zip code, a living room with a nice, albeit, gas fireplace, and a bathroom, big enough to get lost in, ok, not that big, but boy it would be nice to have one this big in Auburn.

The grounds are very nice, with plenty of room to relax out back, a small pond with a fountain, ok, so not a pond, a small watering hole, small pool?  Small bridge crosses over to a badmitten court and a few chairs.  I hope to get a few photo’s before we leave. The issue will be getting the photos here, as the iPad doesn’thave As many ways to upload photo’s as a laptop, unless I use the iPad to take the pictures and we’ll, that looks kind of silly.

after getting settled in, we headed over for diner here. The restaurant is very nice, with a pleasant staff, quiet and comfortable, maybe a bit starchy for some. I mean this in  a nice way.

our meals started with an appetizer of seared pork bellies severed Pwith pomegranate, apply rosemary jelly,  pear gastrique  and polenta crotons, very  different for us, and a nice treat.

this was followed up by our meals. My wife had the roasted misty knoll chicken breast (which was very juicy),  with goat cheese gnocchi,  butternut squash, local vegetables, apples, walnut pesto, pomegranate seeds and cold hollow cider reduction sauce. Very good meal!

i went with the sear Long Island duck breast, with crispy goat cheese, a tarragon  reduction and cherry glaze, also very juicy, tasty and a great choice for me.  After our meals we had dessert, which was a sorbet mix for me, raspberry / lavender / pear and mint, very good, and she had a  pear dumplings with a white sauce, and nuts. After our wonderful meals we headed back to  our room to call  it a night, but not before I went for a  short walk down Main Street.  The lights are lined with quaint black lanterns and granite sidewalks. The sidewalks are done in a pattern much like what you might see in someone kitchen or bath. Assorted sizes of granite in a overall square shape. Very nice, very Vermontish

the following morning found us at the restaurant again this time for breakfast. My wife went with the eggs Benedict and I went for eggs over easy, home fries, toast and smoked applewood bacon. Both meals were thumbs up. We then packed and headed for our next stop,, Norwich, ny and a big, wonderful car museum.

this museum is the biggest i’ve ever been to, with over 170 cars on display, and damn near each one owned by the same person, and he owns the museum, and has over 200  more being restored . . .wow!`

we were lucky enough to have a personal tour guide for whole tour, which took about 2 hours, very nice, very informative. again i’ll post photos when I get back. We then were on our way to our next stop.

The trip took a small turn for the worst, in that there was a bad motorcycle accident which caused us to take a back, back way to our next stop. This took an hour just to find and get on our way, this was because everyone was in the same boat, but some were trying to go a short distance and those roads / streets did us no good.

this detour caused us to change our plans, which had us going to a botanical garden in Binghamton, oh well next time. Oh, this was because, we wanted to get to our next hotel by 6pm, getting to old for all night driving and the detour was going to add a few hours to the trip.

we got to our next stop a bit late but only because I decide to take a slight detour to a Baskin-Robbins, a krisby-kreme, and a Starbucks, worth while sidetrip:)

we checked into the best western in intercourse, pa and after unpacking, headed down to the on-sight restaurant. A nice place  if not so slow. I believe they said the night was all in training- and why the whole night crew? We had a hot turkey sandwich, and a  French dip sandwich. Both were good and filling. It was then time to get back to the room, so we could  watch NCIS. This is one of the only programs my wife watches, so yes, we watch it when she wants to watch it.

our next day started pretty early, with  a walk down Main Street with a meat shop being our first stop for fresh squeezed  OJ. Yeah weird place to get fresh squeezed ok, but hey, it’s fresh squeezed.

https://stoltzfusmeats.com  For those who want to add them to your stop. As you can see from the web site, they are much more then a meat shop. Candy, baked goods, meats, cheeses, sauces, jams, jellies and more, and a small diner on site as well.

from here we continued our walk around town, hitting everything from yarn shops, to a handmade India made rugs shop,to hand made Amish goods, wine tasting shop, fudge shop, leather goods, quilt shop, a few bakeries, candy shops, apparel shops, and well, you get the idea, a ton of shopping- ok, a ton of looking.

from here we went back to the hotel and got the car and headed to a doll shop, from there to lunch or an early supper?

back to the hotel to hit the sack and get ready for the next day . . . New Paltz, NY.






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