Next day – Dover, NH and home

So we got back to our hotel earlier then we thought it was (daylight savings time sucks), but tried, so early was just fine with both of us.

The next morning started out like any other morning from a hotel. Cup of coffee for my wife, get out the ironing board and iron the cloths she would be wearing for the day, while I hopped in the shower so we could hit the road.

We had hoped to try Amore’ out for breakfast, but that didn’t happen (maybe next time). It gets 4.5 stars on just about every web site where folks can post reviews about places to eat.

- – breakfast-ogunquit


Anyway we headed in towards Kittery to see what we could find for breakfast or for christmas shopping. Our first stop was Stonewall Kitchen outlet / factory. A very nice place for those of us who like food gifts (and a chance to try out some jams, jellies, sauces and more with pretzel sticks and crackers, hey what can I say, I was hungry).

We finished here and decided we both wanted a bit more in our tummy’s then sauces, jams and dips. I knew my wife enjoys Ihop, so I head that way (in hopes of surprising here again). Well the surprise was on my – the place had an hour plus wait? No one in their right mind would wait 20 or 30 minutes to eat here, let alone an hour or more!

I decided we would head towards Dover and hope to find a local restaurant to have breakfast / early lunch. Now we didn’t spend much time here, but I’m sure we’ll go back. The downtown is very big and has what looked like many interesting shops to check out. Oh, we didn’t get to check ay out because they were closed for the day (Sunday and all). Oh, back to eating. I went in to the hotel next to where we parked and asked them were we might get a great breakfast and the nice lady at the front desk gave me 2 choices. We went with one farther downtown (the walk would help give us more of an appetite).  The name of the restaurant is called Weeks, and we both enjoyed our meals very much.


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