A few days in NH, VT

We recently took a few days off and went down to Keene, NH, via West Chesterfield, NH, Brattleboro, VT and several small towns in-between.

It was a “Time-away” trip, that turned into a bit more of a shopping trip then planned, but who doesn’t like shopping. I know I kids, grandkids and friends enjoy it when we shop. they all get cool stuff they won’t buy for themselves.

We got off a bit later then we had planned (way to go Skip),  but it wasn’t so late that it screwed the plans up to much.

The weather was pretty nice for an early fall day in New England and the traffic was light making for a pleasant drive. Our drive to our hotel (along the back roads), was full of nice scenery  and a few interesting stops. A few I would have NEVER thought of doing, but my wife was full of ideas on how I could spend my money.

After our (her) mandatory stop at a Starbucks, we continued on a way, past more shops, a nudist camp and bunch a cool old cars, quiet back roads and right into a small village were we saw a sign for what seemed like a shop calling our name. We needed to tell each other to stop, turn around and go to this shop, as I was headed for the hotel and nothing was going to stop me from getting there, and getting there in a hurry … except this shop, which not only sounded cool, but it was an hour or so into our trip and she was real ready to get out and stretch her legs.

The elf made co is located along side of a few other stores in Barrington NH, Calef’s Country Store, Elf Made I and II, and these stores have just about anything one could want, need and have use for and no use for products (that folks like me love to buy).

Calef’s has the good stuff,  chocolates, sweets galore, sauces, honey, maple syrup in more sizes then should be allowed by the law, soup mixes, Cheeses, Donuts, Hot Dogs, Home Made Molasses, baked goods, a great selection of Hot Sauces and some REAL Hot Sauces, Soaps. Puzzles, candles, handmade crafts, games, hot and cold sandwiches, drinks, chips and more. The Elf Shoppes I and II  have all the other cool stuff. Metal Signs, Christmas Section with tree items, wall items and more, then there is the cloths, more soaps, scented items, flannel cloths and more. For those who are familiar  with Zeps in Conway, NH, this kind of store, just more and bigger.

No pictures, just take a drive and see for yourself.

Time to head home for the night. More tomorrow

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