Quick trip south

All kinds of things are happening right now. Some are good, and some are not so good. Not bad, just not good and this is what lead to this quick trip.

Our daughter and family may be moving to Japan for 4 years. Her husband is a marine and for his last tour he requested Japan. While this could be a fun and exciting time for all, it’s also a time of many uncertainties. My wife’s health, my wife’s mothers age / health, not to mention all the milestones we will miss with them being so far away. 2 will have their 16th and 16, and 18th birthdays with no family members to congratulate them. Oh, well I realize there are many much worst things to deal with.

So the trip to the Bushlkill Falls, PA area was to meet our daughter so she could pick up the misses for a 3 week stay down there with them. I’ll go all the way to Quantico, VA the first part of April to pick her up, but not until I have spend a few days there with them.

I plan on spending the morning with one of the grandkids and going to have an ice cream or 2, maybe a candy store or bakery stop mixed in there as well.

So this last trip was nice albeit a bit wet, but that’s way better than snow. Especially since I had my snow tires removed the day before.

The ride is a pleasant one and generally traffic free except for a few areas. The Boston and Hartford areas can be a nightmare if you hit them the wrong time of the day. COVID has changed this some but we didn’t take any chances and left early enough to hopefully miss mush of the traffic.

So we met at the Country Kettle Candy and other cool stuff store. Other cool stuff includes but is not limited to: Jewelry, Candles, Hand Bags, Signs, Drinks, Jams, Jellies, BBQ Sauces, Mixes, t-shirts, and very nice selection of high-end Disney ceramics and such. Our daughter was running behind, so my wife and I spent 30 minutes or so on the inside shopping before our daughter got there. Once she did, we went to lunch before we did anything else. I asked the young lady at the counter if this place was a good choice, she said “I’ve never heard of it”, but if you want a nice place with a great mix of foods, I’d say you must try “Alaska Pete’s”. Now I did check with someone else and online and my first choice was closed for the day, so in the end Alaska Pete’s was a fine choice. So what did we have and was I t any good you ask. Before I tell you, and should say, they were very pleasant, helpful, friendly and following ALL the guidelines set forth by the Governor / US for COVID pre-cautions.

I will say, asking for water and getting a bottle of spring water was a bit of a surprise (at $2.50 per bottle), but somewhat understanding. I had a delicious cup of Hot Coco.

I went with an appetizer for my meal. Philly Cheese Steak Spring Rolls and Mozzarella Sticks, both of which were awesome. My wife went with a cup of French Onion Soup, which she said was very good (needed a bit more salt was all), and our daughter had (ok so the ladies split they’re meals) the Rubin Sandwich. they both agreed it was a great choice and I’ll say one thing, it was a BIG sandwich. We opted for no desserts, mostly because of the time. My day was going to be between 12 and 14+ hours long (depending on the weather and traffic heading back and I had plenty of candy if I got hungry for a sweet, not to mention, I planned on stopping at a Baskin-Robbins or 2 on the way home. I LOVE there Ice Cream. It was going to be 1 stop if they had quarts of what I wanted, and 2 stops if not. It turned out to be a 2 stop trip, but I now have 3 quarts of the Ice Cream.

Oh, Rainbow Sherbet, World Class Chocolate and Gold medal Ribbon were what I got.

So to wrap this up. The weather going back was rainy and foggy, the driving was fine except for most folks were driving like the weather was much worst? I got home at 9pm, had some more ice cream, wen to bed.

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