Some of the places I / we have been this winter

While I haven’t been off the beaten path as much this winter as usual, I have been out and about on a few nice trips.

Just before the Holidays my wife and I did a weekend away to Burlington, VT area. We also got away to Kittery, ME  Outlets for some Holiday shopping.

I took a trip to King Arthur Flour / Shop in Vt., first with our daughter and secondly with our son (he wanted to go and check the place out, and get Christmas Gifts for his sister)

Check out our daughters facebook page to see why we go to King Arthur Flour (

For me the trips with our daughter and our son are great ways to be with them, catch up, and just talk. With our daughter it’s shopping, eating out then home. Our son is much more of the outdoor type, so I added a side trip to Quechee gorge (which is not the same in winter time).

The trip to Burlington, VT was very nice and over due. We go to VT a fair amount each year, but hadn’t been to Burlington for a few years, and even when we were there last, we didn’t spend as much time exploring downtown as we did this time.

It’s one hell of a downtown. Ton’s of shops, pleasant folks, outdoor activities and more. I learned a few things this time around (I can say that I don’t know everything because my kids aren’t likely to ready this). So what did I learn.

Canadians don’t tip. I got this tid-bit of information from a few waitresses who seemed to push off the Canadian customer a bit. I asked what that was all about, and they told me that they don’t tip. They said they aren’t mean or rude, it’s just that Canadian’s don’t tip here, because they don’t tip in Canada, it’s just the way it is.

OI also found out, that there are A LOT of Canadians on any given day in Burlington. It’s close, it’s cheaper here then there, and there are more shops to choose from. They also come down to fly out of Burlington, when flying just about anywhere, because even with the costs of a hotel, parking and such, it’s still cheaper then flying out of Canada.

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