Lost River, NH


I have been here several times, and enjoyed it each time. The trail starts at the top and you walk down some 1000 or so steps to the bottom, where you then start your return trip, walking, crawling your way through, under and into the cool rocks, caves and pathways that are Lost River.

There are some nice rock features on the way down to rest and take some great photos and the return trip DOES have walkways around some of the caves and other cool places for those who aren’t real comfortable crawling and such.

Some great photos can be seen by doing a search in google: Lost River NH, then click on images and check out the hundreds of great photo’s shown.

Lost River is a great place for kids, young and old alike. If you have trouble walking, walking great distances, don’t like crawling and squeezing through some tight places, this may not be a place for you, but if you are ok with this type of activity, then you will have a blast here.

Once on top, you’ll have some more great places to rest, see and take great photo’s of and from, and let’s not forget, the ever popular gift shop and eatery which they have as well.

On to our next adventure!


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