2nd trip to Providence RI – this one with daughter

She wanted to sneak away one day, so I said ok, let’s go to Providence, RI. She laughed, got in the car, and we went . We had a great time, and we put on some serious miles on our feet once we got there, but not until we stopped to get something to munch on. Ok, so that was my idea, but she didn’t  argue.

The first stop was Tony’s Colonial Market for some Parma Prosciutto Ham … freakin awesome! From here we went 2 doors down to Scale Bakery for some sweets. What’s Prosciutto ham if not followed with something sweet.

From here we headed to the mall to see what it was all about. BIG, 4 stories and just about any store you could want. After walking the mall we headed down to the canal, which winds its way through downtown Providence. Very nice, pleasant, quiet and peaceful, which you don’t except in a big city. From here we decided to head back, via a different route (only way to see more of a city). Well this took us about 3 miles out of our way … no big deal, what’s 3 extra miles – hell when you don’t have the right shoes, but onward we went. We headed back to the car but not before stopping to get some more pastries and stuff at Tony’s. Oops, before that we got lunch at Venda Ravioli., which we kind of found by accident. I’ll get more into this tomorrow. Head home for supper now




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