Saturday and exploring

Hello folks. I hope you all have as great day planned as we do. We will be exploring the island and several of the harbors / village’s.

One of the 4 harbors we got in today. They are all small but damn are the beautiful. A few were real crazy with everything from car shows to shopping there seemed to be something for just about everyone. I will say they were all way busier than we expected. Yes it’s Saturday and everyone is out and about but it seems like the tourist season had past and was going to be slow, nope not the case.

So these are a few pictures of the areas we stopped at. One was baileys harbor, which is where the car show was. Unfortunately it was REALLY BUSY and my wife wasn’t comfortable around all those folks none wearing masks. Yes I could have gone, explored and taken more photos but I decided to stay with my wife, it’s the right thing to do.

from here we went on to egg harbor and 2 more. While all were very scenic and all I didn’t take pictures of all the places we went today. We may go back Monday when it shouldn’t be so busy and we can explore more and more comfortably.

for tonight’s meal, we went with Thai from Dan’s kitchen😂 Come on, that’s funny.

My wife went with Drunken Noodles with shrimp and a few Crab Rangoon’s and I went with, drum roll please, sweet and spicy chicken with A pile of white rice.

She said it was real good, for me it was ok . . I’ve had better😂 After we eat we went out for a nice walk and a few photos.

After this we called it a night. Night J’fer, night Swana, night Bud, night all. See you all tomorrow.

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