7 with many more ahead

Good morning everyone. I hope your days have been fun, pleasant and plentiful. Day 7 brings us to Beliot, WI. And a few stops for more fun. These will include Mars Cheese Castle and Holler Apple Orchards for sure. So lets get started.

First stop will be Mars Cheese Castle about an hours drive southeast from the hotel.

  1. https://www.marscheese.com/

Yes this is another one of those thousands of tourist traps that pop-up along America’s highways and byways. Just the kind of place we love. Here you’ll find a good assortment of cheeses both local, regional and some from away. A better assortment of jams, jellies, crackers, honeys, candy, soft drinks and more, and a Much bigger selection of wines than I would have expected. Many of the wines had great little signs with them telling you about the wine, what it will taste like, what it goes good with for a meal as well as dessert, all very helpful information for my wife (I don’t drink wines). Helpful in picking out wines for friends and family. Yeah, we help with their daily overhead costs before we left. From here we went on to Holler Apple Orchards- here we weren’t as happy. This was the 3rd or 4th place that has had to scale back big time because of lack of help and in some case local and state rules about what they can and can’t do or offer. So here the kitchen was closed because of lack of help, which was real sad because it gets 5 stars for their oversized and delicious sandwiches. They had NO apples in crates to pick them and only frozen apple cider, who in the hell sells frozen apple cider at an apple orchard (besides these folks).


They did have an awesome fresh bakery with Apple fritters, turnovers and other pastries that looked incredible. I say looked because we didn’t buy any. I surprised myself and didn’t get any, yes folks even I can eat only so many pastries- which is sad. The other thing going on, or not going on as the case might be, was apple picking – not. They did apologize to folks for the lack of things to do, and they let us know that it was in-part because of 2 tour buses that had stopped by and stretched them thin on customer service and what they could cover or offer with the current staffing. Disappointed and ready we decided to head back and see what we could find along the way back to our hotel.

I did find a couple of interesting things to take photos of (I’ve got to figure the easiest way to get photos from my camera to the iPad so I can share). We also found a vegetable stand along the way and picked up some tomatoes for sandwiches. This turned out to be the end of the day for us as far as sightseeing which was fine. A big week ahead in Sturgeon Bay and this also gave me time to clean and organize the car a bit more.

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