Special request – Car/Truck Museum loop

I stopped by a friends business the other day and while there, he introduced me to a friend of his and said that with all the traveling I do, I might be able to help him. turns out the man was wondering if there were any car/truck museums in the area, he could take his grandkids too.

I asked what is “in the area mean?”, because for me it is 1 days drive, while for him it might have to be within a 100 miles or so. We chatted and I told him of a nice loop he might want to do with them, but it is best as a 2 to 4 day loop, he say go ahead and tell me all about it – I did, he’s now planning a trip.

Yes this is a wonderful trip during Fall Foliage, just REALLY hard to get a room during this time, unless you book in advance.

Here is a map showing the general route to get the most car museums in a visit. It still a 2-3 day trip, and you not stopping much. You’ll likely find it a better 4 day trip. As much because of the hours for each museum, which you’ll WANT to check before heading out

Here are several links to museums in this article.







Ok, so you have an idea where they are, you just have to decide how much time you have. This whole loop would be a better 4 day trip. AGAIN, check with each place, as they often close to change out exhibitions, and for general renovations. Not to mention, some are closed during the winter months.

If you take a side trip near Schenectady,, NY, be sure to stop by Morrette’s King Steak, for an awesome Steak Sandwich. 126 Erie Blvd.

After lunch, head on over to Krause’s Homemade Candy: https://www.krausescandy.com

A few photo’s from some of these museums. I’ll add more in the coming days, once I upload them.

First 10 photo’s are from Classic Car Museum, NY
From the Mack Truck Museum
At the Mack Truck Museum, from the movie Transformers

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