Day 4

so today’s was a bit of a lazy day. We got to the Erie zoo and then we stopped at a flea market / bbq / entertainment event. Several of the bbq folks came and setup trailers that took up an area about 60’ x 30’. They had 2 trailer trucks that simply raised the whole side panels of the trailers and had 6, 8 or 10 burners going full out and barely able to keep up with folks. Entertainment was several local singers, karate demos and more. I’d say some 45 to 60 tents setup between 2 parks and 4 closed off streets.

we had lunch then went and checked out the area, including some shopping malls and grocery stores (weird but I like cool grocery stores) picked up some fresh squeezed orange juice, strawberry / apple juice and 20 cans of chili started for our daughter (and tonight she called and asked us to pick up 10 more).

Sunset from our room

Tomorrow should bring us a trip to the marine museum and a local donut shop that is suppose to be the only place to get donuts in pa.

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