Headed to our next stop St. Ignace, Mi.

So this was a pleasant interesting part of the trip. Let’s start with, for those of you who travel and use the nav in your car or likely the same with a cell phone, at different times it will say things like, 12 miles to your next turn and so in. Well on our drive from Sturgeon Bay to St Ingnace, we were told our next turn was in 1.5 miles, which I took, and the surprise after that was, it said our next turn was 199 miles and at that point we would be at our hotel. NO more turns, just one long road that went along the shores of Lake Michigan- which by the way is 307 miles long.

We stopped for lunch and to stretch our legs, but other than that, one LONG drive, with NO side streets to speak of, no gas stations not much of anything for a LONG way. A bit scary had we not filled up the gas tank before we got on he road.

Lunch was at a very nice place, but the food, well that wasn’t so nice. My wife chicken sandwich was so hard she couldn’t bite into it, and while mine was a lot better, it was still saltier than I like my food, ebilble just salty. After this is was back on the road for a bunch more miles before we started to come into small towns.

Wonderful area and had we known enough about the area, and if we would have known about our hotel room, we would have stayed a week here. A simply wonderful place and our room was freakin awesome, with views to match.https://www.harbourpointe.com

Not sure if there is a map showing where our room was . . . We were in the front right corner of the Ontario building, with a view second to none. A few photos below of the room and views from within it. The pictures don’t tell the story. 2 big beds, a nice size TV and couch, table with 2 chairs, all in a room about 30’ x 24’ in size, yes a big room, and then there was the bathroom which was real nice, and big as well.

That night we went out for a walk on the beach, and one more time, it seemed more like the ocean than a lake, yes a BIG UCKING LAKE but a lake none the less.

We didn’t do a big dinner, just not real hungry. We got a sandwich and breadsticks with dipping sauce. Both items were very good and tasty, and filling enough that’s for sure.


a few photos of the sunrise we got to enjoy (lake Huron).

Right from our bed

Boy after seeing and enjoying this, it was hard to leave, but we had to as we had our next stop waiting. So we packed up and headed on our way to Midland, Mi.

Now I should point out there is a fair amount to see and do here and staying a few days would be a wise choice.

As we headed out of town I did stop and got a photo of one of the many lighthouses that dot the shores of the Great Lakes (some 200 in all).

Here’s an interesting tid-bit (sort-of a “did you know” for my BNI partners, you could drive from Auburn, Maine to New York City, with water outside your window the whole way and that’s how long Lake Michigan is, and that’s not the longest lake. You could drive another 50 miles and that’s how long Lake Superior is (350 miles LONG). Now a friend pointed out so, it’s like driving along route 1 to NY, and while the answer is yes, that trip would be with the Ocean outside the window, not a freakin lake.

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