Sunday and done

Hi folks. We ended up with another easy day, some of this because we wanted to and some because some of the things we wanted to do are closed. That’s fine, that’s what tomorrow and Tuesday are for.

Our day started with a visit to the local marine museum.

A fine museum and a great tour of a tug boat with an amazing history.

Here are a small handful of photos from today / tonight.

Here is a interesting fact. The largest Great Lake is Superior at 31,700 sq. Miles, and the WHOLE state of maine is only slightly bigger at 35,310 sq miles. Just images driving from York Maine to Limestone, Me by boat! And that’s how big that Lake is.

One of tonight’s sunsets. It’s like this every freakin night, damn these folks
Weird but this is the scene behind me while taken the sunset shots
This bird was just sitting there looking for fish. I got within 4’ away from him and he never moved
10 story tall tower that is part of the local marine museum
Pictures above are from the top of the tower and are of the area
They have an amazing ship building history here and still,build ships and some damn big ones too. Big like 1004’ long, for those not good at math, that a bit longer then 3 football fields. That’s some damn big ships . . . On a freakin lake!
The following images come from our tour of the John Purvse tug boat with an incredible history

So as you can see from the photos we had a full day and a good day. Tomorrow has us visiting some of the harbors we drove thur Saturday, because they were to busy to stop at, and were hoping most folks will have gone back home tonight.

The day may not start until I got a massage. I’ll call first thing in the morning and see when I can get an appointment.

So for now, “that’s all folks” have a great night and week.

Oh, supper was at

She had a Ruben sandwich with onion rings and she said they were both great. I had a cheeseburger with an egg and bacon, with house chips, or so they said, I think they seemed like they came right from a bag of chips? The burger was good, tasty, and cooked as I request it- somewhat or a rarity these days.

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