Derby, VT and more

I convince my brother to go for a ride last Sunday and take pictures and just to get away for the day.

We started out 5ish in hopes of catching the sunrise where ever that might be. Turns out it was going to be in the area of Norway Lake. We pulled over on. The backside and setup to get the sunrise if our lives . . . That didn’t happen. We got a dozen pictures with none worth posting. I will put a few up later, right now I’m doing this on my iPad without a reader attached

We continued on our way to, who knows where. Our next stop ended up being  a small pond on route to Gorham, NH,  and this was to try and get some photos of a moose drinking water and enjoying a walk in the water. No good photo’s here as he was pretty far back and in the woods before we could get set. So are now 2 for 2 in our quest for some interesting photos. We continued on our way, with covered bridge and old church as my next stop. What little sun there was had disappeared by the time we got there, no big deal over castdays can be fun and challenging op’s for photo taking. We got there and proceeded to walk around to find and get that special shot, good enough to print and hang up on the wall or the store front windows. After 30 minutes or so here we continued on our way. We next stopped a nice small country store in

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