Where to next? Places we’ll go to

In the coming weeks I’ll be posting about places like Saratoga NY, Lake Placid area, NY, Adirondack region, Amsterdam, NY, Salem MA, Northern VT, along the Canadian border, Camden, Rockport, ME as well as Arcadia Maine area, the Great North Woods, Bennington VT, Maybe a small piece on Old Quebec, Canada, Several great areas in PA., NC, SC, OH, TN, MI, KY, GA, FL and so much more. So sit back relax and enjoy the ride.

Is there someplace on the east coast you have questions on, maybe I can help, maybe not, but if I’ve been there I’ll tell you what I know.

Botanical Gardens, Car Museums, Zoos, Walks, Parks, Shops, places to eat: Food, Candy, Chocolates, Pastries, funkie shops and more –   if we’ve been there we’ll tell you about it.

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