Polar Caves, Rumney, NH


While this can make for a long day, you can get Lost River and Polar Caves in, in 1 day. YES, everyone will be good and tried after this, but sleeping kids in the car isn’t a bad thing, sleepy adults, now that’s another thing.

So Polar Caves is much like Lost River, without the water. You get to climb in, on, through and around large rock formations, ok, so NOT through, but some really tight squeezes for fun and excitement. Heck there is one, you may not be able to get through, it’s called the lemon squeeze, and let’s just say, small is better here.  And for those who won’t or can’t par-take in the crawling the scenery all around you is pretty nice. Again, beware, the steps are plenty, so if walking is hard or tiring for you, you may want to stay on the main grounds and wait for folks to come back and tell you all about it.

There is a nice albeit small petting / feeding zoo on site as well as rock hunting and nice walking grounds going to and heading back from the caves.

Yes you’ll want those who will be crawling to have on jeans, and maybe a sweatshirt and heck gloves if they don’t like getting their hands dirty.

While in the area there is a cool diner and a few other places to eat, so no one should be hungry.

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