NY and back to VT …

Ok, so you’ve spend some time in Lake Placid area and now it’s time to head back. You have plenty of options here as well. Do you want to  take a ferry (a different, shorter one),  or drive and see the country.

Ferry option (http://ferries.com/vt-ny-ferry-routes/charlotte-vt-essex-ny/current-ferry-schedule/) has you taking the ferry at Essex, NY (via 73 to 9N) and getting on to Ethan Allen Highway about 13 miles south of Burlington. Once on the road head head south for a short drive to Mt. Philo: https://www.vtstateparks.com/philo.htm, do this if it’s all you do on the way home. Outstanding views (on a clear day) or NY, the Adirondacks, Lake Champlain and more. Picnic tables and chair to set and enjoy the wonderful views.

Now if you still have time and energy, let’s head on over to the

Teddy Bear Factory, any one of a number of vineyards and brewing companies along the route. VT has a LOT of micro breweries and many are highly regarded. Vermont Tortilla Company, Country Stores, wine and coffee shops, and don’t drive by Dakin Farm, where they smoke their own meats, cheese and more. A great place to enjoy their “Toothpick Buffet”  if you like meats, cheeses, jellies, jams and more.

Keep a keen eye out for Ollie the camel on the lefthand side as you are driving north. The Champlain Chocolate Factory. take a tour and watch them made (on certain days)

Shelburne Museum Covered Bridge, Shelburne Museum. More places to eat then you can imagine.

The ride back can be a lot of fun and stopping if you do most of the stuff listed, and we have and all are worth the stop. Don’t worry there are a ton of hotels in the area.

Tomorrow I’ll layout the driving route for your reading pleasure.


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