Dow Botanical Gardens and more

While we had plans to explore some of the areas other small towns but the misses is a bit tried so today will be spend around the area.

Ater a bit of research we decided to give the Dow Botanical Gardens a try, sure glad we did.

as should be expected from a family garden from the Dow (chemical) family. Which is about a 26 Billion Dollar company. The grounds takes up about 110 acres which includes a pond or 2, a few overlook bridges as well as kids gardens and so much more.

They do a good job of labeling a lot of the plants on display and they encourage folks the walk anywhere- they just ask that you are respectful of others and the grounds.

They are having a blown glass flower art display this month as well, which adds a nice touch to the area.

Ok so you get the idea, tons to see and appreciate. Yes I’d say 2 or 3 months earlier in the year would be a lot prettier but anytime is a good time

After this we went back to get ready for our special night. A (hopefully) great meal and evening celebrating our 45th Anniversary. This was hopefully owing to happen at my choice of restaurants- a fair amount of research went into this. While there are a lot and I mean a lot of restaurants in the area, this one seemed to be the best choice. From making the reservations, to arriving, to being seated and everything else it was easy, pleasant and looking like the right choice.

I had requested that if possible could we be seated away from folks and any traffic- they did it.

Our waitress was very helpful, pleasant and attentive. She helped with recommendations on both appetizers and our meal choices. For an appetizer we went with fried raviolis-perfect choice. For our meals we went with veal on top of fresh ravioli for me and she had eggplant with fresh made spaghetti My plate was clean, as in nothing left on the plate clean, a rarity for me. She had one whole eggplant left and was stuffed, so the rest came back for us.

We proceeded to check out desserts and got a wonderful surprise

We ordered the limoncello bar and our waitress did a great job of designing it as a surprise for us, very sweet

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