Frankenmuth here we come

One of the stops we had planned that looked like it was going to happen as planned. This is quaint little tourist town with a German flair to much of it. A great cheese shop, got a few pieces there, and several other shops (ok dozens of other shops). After visiting many of them we went on lunch at the largest family restaurant in America.

I had their famous chicken pot pie (great choice) and my wife had the hot chicken sandwich. Which she said was a great choice as well. After lunch we went downstairs to their award winning bakery, which was incredible and yes we got a few things to go. We spend more on gifts for the holidays with the bottom line, again we help someone with this months overhead. The bottom floor has a cafe, a gift shop, candy store, bakery, jewelry store and more, all under one roof, ok all in the cellars albeit a BIG cellar.

After leaving here we continued on down Main Street to a few more shops. One much like Zeps in Conway, nh, and a fudge shop that specializes in toffee toppings (her favorite) (fudge shops or places selling fudge are on every corner and in between each other. I’m guessing in this section of Main Street there are 40 shops and more than 25 sell fudge and yet not a 1 of them has Apple Fudge or Rainbow Sherbet fudge, and this in some shops with 20 plus favorite of fudge?

A stop or 2 later, for some clothing and wine we called it quits and headed back to our hotel.

‘Tomorrow should bring some new adventures.

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